Subject-specific Consultations

We offer recurring subject- and language-specific consultations:

2019 Spring Semester Schedule (starts March 4)

  15:00 – 16:00 18:00 – 19:00
Monday LaTeX First Help
Tuesday Searching and Citing

Further consultation services for longer queries (<60 mins) are also available online (Skype), or on-site (NTK) by appointment only.

LaTeX First Help (in English)

This service provides information and guidelines for Mac OS, Windows and Linux installation, useful guidelines for beginners (structuring your first document, explaining packages, typesetting math in LaTeX, adding a picture, generating a table of contents, adding bibliography and citation, adding footnotes, creating tables with LaTeX) and guidelines for more advanced topics (generating tables with pgfplottable, visualizing your data with pgfplots, drawing pictures in code with pgfplots).

Further consultation services for longer queries (<60 mins) are also available online (Skype), or on-site (NTK) by appointment only.

Searching and Citing (in English, Czech)

This service provides help with searching and citing untraditional resources (e.g. technical norms, patents, Youtube videos), following citation rules, and organizing your work. 


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