Supraphon Digital Archive in NTK

Registered patrons have now access to the complete digital archive of Supraphon, a Czech record label.

The archive is accessible in NTK building on all devices connected to wifi NTK (NTK-Simple) at You can also use public computers to acces the archive. Earphones are available for loan at the main service desk (2nd floor).

Archive contains

  • 100,000 songs
  • 55,000 popular music songs
  • 30,000 classical music recordings
  • 8,000 folk songs
  • 3,000 jazz recordings
  • 5,000 recordings of the spoken word

About Supraphon

Supraphon Music Publishing is a Czech record label, oriented mainly towards publishing classical music and popular music, with an emphasis on Czech and Slovak composers. The Supraphon name, (originally used for an electric record player, a technical marvel of its day), was first registered as a trademark in 1932. In the post-war years it was the label of domestic albums produced for export, playing a significant role in helping to spread the fame of Czech classical music from the late 1940s.

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