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Evaluating use and misuse of scientific information


Mentees should be able to evaluate the use and misuse of scientific information (e.g., recognize a valid scientific course of action, distinguish the appropriate use of science in making societal decisions). Ways for mentees to learn about “proper” use of scientific information include understanding scientific argumentation (see section: Justifying inferences, predictions, conclusions) and the analysis of scientific articles respected in one’s field in order to understand scientific argumentation in the context of the scientific literature. 

Useful resources on Evaluating use and misuse of scientific information:

Hansson, S. O. (Summer 2017 Edition). Science and Pseudo-Science. Zalta, E.N., (Ed.), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Detailed description of current understandings of the demarcation line between “science” and “pseudo-science.” Includes an area mentees may encounter in their daily lives, “3.2 Non-science positing as science.” Links to additional reading of this topic.

Jarry, J. (2018). Correactology® or How to Identify a Pseudoscience.

Case study including tips for identifying pseudoscience in the commercial health sphere.

UC Museum of Paleontology at the University of Berkeley. (2007). Understanding Science: How Science Really Works: Scientific scrutiny.

Describes the checks and balances the scientific community typically employs to evaluate evidence and ideas.

UCLA Libraries WI+RE Team. (2020). C.R.E.A.T.E.S.: An Innovative Method for Understanding Scientific Articles 

This self-guided online tutorial with six modules helps students understand the components of scientific articles.

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