How to find the best information?

10. 6. Conducting high quality research is the cornerstone of academic success. We teach you how to effectively search and use the best sources of information for your studies, thesis or research. Book a free consultation at or call us: 232 002 503. You can also use our search services (fee: 200 CZK an hour). More information here...

Access to Techportal

19. 5. We've set up for you a special access to Techportal. You can find texts focused on technical management and engineering. They cover (among other topics) health and safety at work, fire protection, business ecology, energy, logistics, management and marketing.

Access to Enviprofi

19. 5. NTK offers a new access to the database Enviprofi, containing technical texts about business ecology and environment. There you can find, among other things, information about hazardous chemicals, waste, and nature and landscape protection.
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