Conference Services & Rentals

Our team provides specialized conference and event services and commercial rentals for corporate events, seminars, conferences, and other occasions.

We strive to provide you with the very best service and offer cutting-edge technologies to support your needs.

Balling Hall

Named in honor of Karl Balling, a famous nineteenth century chemist, the hall offers 196 auditorium seats (182 of them with access to 230V power for notebooks and phones) with an additional 50 balcony seats. Fourteen seats are accessible to visitors with special needs. Wi-Fi is also available.


  • Two flat image projectors (173x300 cm; projection has two display options and laptop ports)
  • Full audio except for audio input connected to a video source; wired and wireless microphones and mics
  • Touch screen control from the podium
  • Simultaneous translation possible via wireless headphones
  • Fully wheelchair accessible, with outlets for electric vehicles
  • Audio induction loop for the hearing impaired
  • Catering space available in the rear of the hall, with tables and comfy sofas
  • Private dressing room
  • Toilets

Educational Center (virtual tour)

Offers flexible furniture arrangements, space for 20-35 persons, projection and sound equipment. Entry using the stairs at entrance NTK3 or through Balling Hall (second floor via the balcony).

After Hours Study Room

Connected to Balling Hall (ground floor). During events, can be used for meals, receptions, or coffee breaks.


Four classroom labs (number 1, 3, 4,) are located on the third and fourth floors. Each has a capacity for 30 to 50 people. They are primarily intended for educational activities in which computer technology is necessary. All classrooms are equipped with whiteboards and audio-visual equipment.

Classrooms are available for short-term rentals.

Classroom number four is not available for rental; it is leased on a long-term basis to FIT CTU.

Team Study Rooms

Teamwork rooms (floors four to six) are ideal for group projects, study, and research. They are equipped with electrical outlets, white boards and some are equipped with flipcharts.


Our individual study carrels are ideal for concentrated study. Each carrel is equipped with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.

Gallery NTK (virtual tour)

Our art gallery is a two-story space with access from the ground floor of the library. It is an ideal place to hold your corporate party or similar event.

Ground Floor (virtual tour)

NTK's ground floor is also available for rent.



Ms. Jitka Heřmanová
(+420) 776 832 826

Ms. Iveta Říhová
 (+420) 774 079 179

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