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During 2018, the National Library of Technology (NTK) took over administration of the Virtual National Phonotheque portal. Before this (since 2013), the portal was run by the Moravian Library in Brno.

The Virtual National Phonotheque of the Czech Republic (VNP) is an electronic information portal with unique content. It aims to provide a complete overview of the national audio heritage of the Czech Republic, in one place, for experts and non-professionals alike. It holds information about the existence, state and accessibility of audio documents of all media types stored not only in libraries, but in other public and private institutions as well. Simultaneously, the VNP grants the possibility of directly listening to audio documents (if a digital copy of the recording exists, and in compliance with its copyright). Alternatively, the portal contains links to an e-shop where it is possible to buy a recording directly.

In running the VNP portal, the NTK now uses its own technical equipment. Public access to the portal is possible via

For the time being, we are planning:

  • to sign a cooperation agreement with all contemporary data suppliers
  • to establish cooperation with new institutions (eg. data owners of respective sound documents)
  • to modernise the user interface of the VNP portal
  • to reinstate an advisory and working team for the VNP
  • to establish a long term development plan for the VNP and related services

As of October 31, 2018 the Virtual National Phonotheque contains about 500 000 records from 24 suppliers.


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