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Kosmisk kastrering / Cosmic Castration / Vesmírná kastrace

opening of an exhibition

exhibition runs until 18. 8. 2019

Termín výstavy

výstava pokračuje do 18. 8. 2019 


Gallery NTK, Technická 6, Prague
open mo-fr 10-18, free entry

Výstava: Cosmic Castration

O výstavě

‘Cosmic Castration’,‘KK’ is an art project that practically functions as loose organization of artists with its history of 6 years’ existence. All participating artist come across the generational spectrum of active Swedish art society. It includes artists who are still studying, professional artists and artists with many decades of art practice. In general KK questions rational social order and its high-tech manifestation – it places its own rules in its loose collective activities. KK has presented itself many times (eg. KK2 in Malmö 2013, KK4 in Solna 2015, KK6 in Kummelholmen 2017..) But numbers, places, times and dates are ignored. It is part of KK’s concept.

When seeing the show you will get general profile of contemporary art production in Sweden today.

Mikael Goralski (*1962 Solna Stockholm, stateless till 1964) is a founder of this project. He works within different art media – installation, performance, sculpture, object, sound, as well as a curator. In his own practice there is no visible border-line between art production and curatorial practice.

He presents himself as a collector who creates archive of materials, tools, things, trash, sounds.. during this 30-odd years long activity. His solo show in Gallery NTK is one part of the whole exhibition project. It has its origin in his Iaspis studio residency this year in Stockholm. His studio environment was based on his made-up private investigator Taxi Ove’s work on Olaf Palme’s murder in 1986.

From other side we can see this show as a punk project – infected by fear, abuse, alcoholism and probably cynicism as well.


Participating artists

Zoltan Von Boer, Gunnel Boman, Erika Canohn, Christer Chytraeus, Paulina Drakenstedt, Frederik Egesborg, Henrik Ekesiöö, Leif Elggren, Joakim Forsgren, Mark Frygell, Mikael Goralski, Thomas Hansson, Cora Hillebrand, Ida Ida Ida, Sandra Isacsson, Susanna Jablonski, Maria Johansson, Maria Johansson, Kanslibyrån, Eric Magassa, Fatima Moallim, Tova Mozard, Malin Norberg, Astrid Kajsa Nylander, Viktor Rosdahl, Marja Leena Sillanpää, Per Stenborg, Isak Sundström, Linus Nordensson Spångberg, Caroline Wallen, Daniel Wiklund


Henrik Ekesiöö, Joakim Forsgren, Mikael Goralski, Lexa Peroutka

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Velocypedia exhibition at Gallery NTK.


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