Current program

Fear Of The Unknown

Exhibition Openning

Wednesday, February 1st, at 18:00, Gallery NTK

Exhibition dates

February 2nd -  March 3rd, 2017

Free entry

In recent past millions of people were forced to flee their homes due to armed conflict or extreme poverty. This situation has brought to our society a lot of uncertainty and it raises many questions. The exhibition Fear Of The Unknown is trying to overcome the barrier of non-communication. Exhibited works of domestic and foreign artists deal with the topic of refugees, but also with the topic of our relationship and reaction to them.

Exhibiting artists

Radovan Čerevka (SK), Pavlína Fichta Čierna (SK), Janka Duchoňová (SK), Alena Foustková (CZ), Mandy Gehrt (DE), Grandhotel Cosmopolis (Svět/World), Zahra Hassanabadi (IRN/DE), Oto Hudec (SK), Lukáš Houdek (CZ), Mario Chromý (SK/CZ), Daniela Krajčová (SK), Ilona Németh (SK), Kristián Németh (SK), Nová věčnost (CZ), Martin Piaček (SK), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Tomáš Rafa (SK), Oliver Ressler (AT), Birgit Rüberg (DE), Kateřina Šedá (CZ), TOY_BOX (CZ), Ján a Olja Triaška (SK), Eliška Vrbová (CZ), Anna Witt (DE/AT), Tobias Zielony (DE), Artur Żmijewski (PL)

Kateřina Šedá, 2016, photo: Tereza Havlinková


Lenka Kukurová

Exhibition architect

Milan Mikuláštík


Eva Čech Valentová

Aleš Buček: Closely

Lecture and opening

Wednesday, February 15th at 17:00, room PC02, 3rd floor

Exhibiton dates

February 16th - March 16th, 2017


Open stacks - 3rd floor

Free entry

About exhibition

All shapes, colors and life strategies, that we can or can not even imagine, are almost certain to find at any of more than a million described species of insects. Have a look at this diversity and see key moments in the life of moths, that we have been breeding, during the studies of insect pheromones, just a few meters from the National Library of Technology - at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Or check out the insect giants from the tropics. Or go on a safari tour through insect species, that inhabit almost every Czech garden. Or ...

Aleš Buček, Ph.D. (*1985) is a student of Biochemistry at Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Ph.D. thesis being elaborated at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, Prague. Aleš also collaborates with scientists at the Czech Agricultural University in detecting regularities in the lives of termites - key decomposers of organic material, especially in tropical areas. He found photography interesting through a desire to share the wonders of the realm of invertebrates, that lurk at every step, but usually does not shout loud enough to attract our attention. Aleš likes to take photos also in the mountains, deserts, forests, Czech gardens, but often in a makeshift studio in the laboratory.

Gallery NTK

Gallery NTK opened in 2009 as an integral part of the library's cultural offerings. Since that time, it has hosted a number of exhibitions focused primarily on the interconnection between contemporary art, science, technology, and architecture.

Due to the gallery´s location – in the heart of the Czech Technical University campus – a considerable number of students´ projects have been exhibited here as well. In addition to these exhibitions, the gallery has established cooperation with various cultural and scientific institutions that utilize the exhibition space and present new and original topics.

Gallery exhibitions are often covered in the leading Czech media and abroad.

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Culture at NTK

For us, the library represents a space that is both physically and mentally open – to people, the interchange of ideas, and art. Our building was the result of collaboration between architects, engineers, designers, theorists and artists; these intellectual intersections continue to this day.

The inspiring architecture of the library (including the well-known interior atrium murals by Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi) foster critical inquiry, exhibit a sense of humor, and contribute to what we hope is a unique aesthetic experience.

Our cultural events and cooperations with artists aim to illustrate the reciprocal creative
spark between art and science.

Velocypedia exhibition at Gallery NTK.


Milan Mikuláštík, curator
(+420) 773 653 825

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mo – fri 10 — 18
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