International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

Czech ISSN National Centre

The Czech ISSN National Centre is one of 93 national centres that make up the ISSN network. At the request of a publisher or library, an ISSN is assigned to print or electronic newspapers, magazines, journals, conference proceedings, book series, and other serial publications of the Czech Republic. Records about them are included in the national ISSN database and in the international ISSN Register.

There is no fee for an ISSN.

A publisher can apply for an ISSN by sending us an electronic request (forms at right).

Together with the request, the Czech ISSN National Centre will archive a copy of the item's title page that shows the connection of the title with its relative ISSN number.

Czech ISSN Database

The ISSN database contains records about serial publications issued in the Czech Republic and registered with the Czech ISSN National Centre.

It consists of more than 17,000 records containing important information about the serial, including title, ISSN code, publisher, place of issue, dates of the publication, language, previous and subsequent name of the publication, annexes, etc. All of these options are searchable and accessible by the general public.

All data are continuously updated; new items can be tracked using RSS.

Why ISSNs?

An ISSN is an eight-digit code that distinctly identifies titles of periodicals and others serial resources published anywhere in the world. ISSN data is stored in an international database (in addition to the national database), the ISSN Register.

  • You can use ISSNs in citations of journals.
  • An ISSN serves as an identification code, often required for computer processing, search, and transfer of data. It is the basic identifier used for the effective electronic delivery of documents.
  • Libraries use ISSNs for identifying and ordering magazines, journals; for performing interlibrary loan services; and in union catalogs.
  • Using an ISSN, GTIN-13 bar codes can be generated for the distribution of periodicals.
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