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We participate in the European Commission Education, Audiovisual & Cultural Agency’s (EACEA) eBooks on Demand (EOD) initiative, a cooperative effort to provide books from European libraries without copyright restrictions to a broader public (generally, items published on or before 1913). Thirty-five libraries in 12 countries across Europe are participating in the project, which allows sharing of digitized materials across national boundaries.
The project was funded in part by the European Union until April 2014. After this date, the project activities were integrated into normal library operations.


Ordering eBooks on Demand

To order an eBook, simply click on the EOD logo in the library catalog. You'll receive a fully-searchable PDF of your digitized material; after two months, the item is added to the NTK Digital Library. 

Our library has a partnership with some Czech libraries (see list below) in EOD platform, so you can order documents from their historical collections as well and NTK will provide the digitisation of the materials.



There is a minimal fee for the EOD service, in order to cover the staffing costs for digitization.
Standard eBook net of service charges  Per scanned page                 4 CZK
Service charges             200 CZK
Sending the eBook CD­ROM / DVD by post    
  Europe           150 CZK
  Worldwide           200 CZK
Personal collection of CD­ROM / DVD with eBook in NTK             30 CZK

Once the book has been digitised and is ready for downloading you will have several payment options (e.g. credit card, invoice, cash on site). The most convenient option is to use your credit card and pay via a secure transaction mode. After your payment has been received, you will be able to download the eBook.

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With the support of the Education, Audiovisual & Cultural Agency (EACEA) Culture Program of the European Union.

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