Night at the Library 2014

For the fourth time, NTK is participating Prague Museum Night. On Saturday, June 14th, join us to explore spaces in the library usually not open to the public and to enjoy special events. Adults as well as children are invited to discover historical treasures, learn about science, tour the library, view exhibitions, screenings, and be entertained.

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Ptolemy's Children. Cartography and contemporary art / 19.00–01.00 / Gallery NTK (curated by Milan Mikuláštík)  

This exhibition presents artworks by contemporary artists (Jana Kasalová, Conrad Eric Armstrong, Vladimír Havlík, Gabriela Nováková, Jan Pfeiffer, Lukáš Machalický, Jaro Varga, Lucio Fuentes, Jakub Geltner, Stanislav Zámečník, Vladimír Turner), includes items from the library's historical collection, and features cartographic maps from Martin Fryč's private collection.


Presentation by the New Media II Studio, Prague Academy of Fine Arts / 19.00–01.00 / Balling Hall

The New Media II / Anna Daučíková School studio is focused on time-based media, particularly the image in motion (videos, short movies, events and performances).

This audiovisual presentation displays student art videos created since 2011 under the supervision of Anna Daučíková and her assistant, Jana Kapelová.

The videos deals thematically with questions about the individual and the world, esthetics, politicization of private and public space, political bodies and gender. They span common local and translocal historical experience.

Authors: Dominik Gajarský, Lucie Doležalová, Philipp Kolychev, Pavel Kučera, Michaela Mildorfová, Petra Lelláková, Ladislava Pachlová, Barbora Šimonová, Vladimíra Večeřová.

Rev Up the Library

Multimedia program

  • Electroshock Quartet / 19.30–20.00 / 2nd floor atrium
  • Amazing Theatre of Physics / performances at 20.30–21.00 + 22.00–22.30 / 2nd floor atrium + 19.00–1.00 / 5th floor
  • TAM TAM Batucada / 24.00–00.30 / 2nd floor atrium

Science and Technology in the Heart of Dejvice IV

Showcasing science

  • Center for International Cooperation / Explore the various dimensions of education / 19.00-01.00 / 4th floor team study room

A playful encounter with education. Visit our interactive workshops and win a prize.

  • Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the ASCR / National time and frequency standards in science and technology / 19.00-01.00 / 5th floor team study room

How is precise time and frequency measured in the Czech Republic? What are time scales and how they can be compared? What role do exact time and frequency play in satellite navigation? Visit the Laboratory of the National Time and Frequency Standards to learn more.

  • Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals together with the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences / Alchemists and herbalists / 19.00-01.00 / PC02, 3rd Floor

These two institutes join forces to give you interactive presentations. Learn more about chemistry, including experiments you can try at home with common household items. See garden plants grown in glass and observe structures and interesting experiments almost invisible to the naked eye under the microscope.

  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague / All the colors of the rainbow / 19.00-01.00 / 5th floor team study room

Chemists are successful painters, conjuring up colors with the assistance of solutions, LEDs or lasers. This presentation will let you experience this with your own eyes, provide you with an introduction to forensic analysis, and even allow you to experiment with liquid nitrogen.

Historical Materials Go Online: Digitization of NTK's Treasures

19.00–23.00 / Digitization Department NTK, 3rd floor

Did you know, thanks to the eBooks on Demand (EOD) service, that you can order a digital copy of any book in the library? Come and see what treasures we already have available online in our digital library and how you can get the most out of EOD.

Guided Tours

  • Book Digitization at NTK / 19.00–23.30 / 3rd floor
    Meeting point is at the vending machine corner, 3rd floor / Pick up tickets there / Max. number of people in a group: 15
  • Underground Book Storage / 19.00–23.30
    Meeting point is at the Information Desk, 3rd floor, every 15 minutes.

Creative Commons: New Opportunities for Czech Creators and Users

19.00–23.30  / 3rd floor

Presenting: National Library of Technology (NTK), Iuridicum Remedium (IuRe), Masaryk University (MU)

Are you an authour and would you like to make your work freely available without losing authorship? Use the Creative Commons license. Would you like to download photos, videos, or text and use them broadly? The Creative Commons license ensures proper use of such materials. Look at and download content legally from free.

Piano Party by Radim Linhart

19.00 – 22.00 / Café Traverza
Choose your favorite song throughout the evening; Radim Linhart knows more than 3 000 by heart.

Exclusive T-shirt Printing

19.00–midnight / Balling Hall foyer, ground floor

Create your own T-shirt with drawings by Dan Perjovschi, the artist who created the artwork adorning the central atrium of the library.


19.00–01.00 / 6th floor

Tea bar. Come and experience delicious teas from all over the world. 

Yak Yeti

19.00–01.00 / 6th floor

The Nepalese & Tibetan Center will present national dishes – a taste of Nepal in Prague.

Crêperie Galetka

19.00–01.00  / Outside, in front of the library

Museum Night in the Dejvice Branch

19.00–midnight / Municipal Library of Prague – Dejvice branch

Seeking daredevils for a sailing adventure
The crew and captain of the pirate ship Demon Hunter may have vanished years ago, but hidden treasure lies in the mysterious wreck. We've organized an expedition to find the loot and just need you to join us. Complete various tasks with other brave pirates to get your cut of the fortune.
Welcoming you onboard in Dejvice: Captain Crafty Isobel, Captain Black Kyra

When, Where?

14. 6. 2014 at NTK


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