STEMskiller: Skill Set Map for Mentors of Early Career Researchers

Impact and public engagement

Getting started with public engagement


Mentors and mentees have many options for becoming “more engaged” with the public. Resources in this section provide starting points of consideration for such activities.

Useful resources on Starting with public engagement:

AAAS. (2020). Many Approaches to Public Engagement.

Provides an overview diagram of the public engagement concept together with overviews of engagement in policy deliberation, public dialogue, knowledge co-production, and university-led cooperative engagement with links to case studies for each of these.

AAAS. (2020). Take Action Toolkit.

Includes links to information grouped by subject, including: communication toolkit; become an effective communicator; work with the media; write an engaging op-ed; work with faith communities; same world, different views; organize events on campus; be an early-career science advocate; engage with the public; team up with others; join a science society; be a force on social media (FB, Twitter); understand the federal R&D budget; identify your elected officials; and working with Congress guide.

(NOTE: these last items could serve as models for other countries wishing to create similar guides for local contexts)

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4.2.1. Getting started with public engagement


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