Education and Research Support

Our mission is to contribute to the professional and academic success of our patrons and partners. In cooperation with educators, we offer services for the development of professional skills while helping you navigate the academic information environment. 

Our services are free of charge, and provided to all.


Find resources for your thesis, project or article. We can show you the appropriate procedures and the best tools for your needs. To schedule a consultation, fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you within one business day. Until the library facilities are open, consultations take place via video conference, email, or phone.

Courses, Workshops & Webinars

In cooperation with educators (not only) from the Dejvice campus, we prepare specialized courses, workshops and webinars for different levels of study — from high school students to advanced scholars. 

Online Tutorials & Subject Guides

Take advantage of modules designed to help you search for information, cite properly, or browse through our collections by subject. 

High Schools

We offer high school educators our assistance and collaboration in working towards achieving and maintaining an optimal level of information literacy skills and developing the "prudence" necessary for successful educational endeavors as well as tailored workshops for high schools students. 

Ask Us

We stand ready to assist you with any other questions.

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