STEMskiller: Skill Set Map for Mentors of Early Career Researchers


Learning, teaching and supervision basics for early career researchers


Learning theory (when referring to humans and not computer science based on cognitivist and not behaviorist theories), refers to “the process of gaining information through observation.”[1] Many theories about this process—which includes absorbing, processing, and retaining knowledge—exist. Ideally, learning theory should enable instructors to improve the learning process for their students/mentees by designing instructional materials that incorporate theoretical premises.

[1] Schulte, O. (2018). Formal learning theory. In Zalta, E.N.(Ed.), The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

Useful resources on Learning, teaching and supervision basics for early career researchers:

Berkeley Graduate Division Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center. (2020). Learning: Theory and research. 

Comprehensive overview to this topic, including: overview of learning theories, behaviorism, cognitive constructivism, social constructivism, neuroscience and how students learn, cognitive science: memory and learning, anthropology: situated learning in communities of practice, psychology: motivation and learning, education: organizing the learning process, and education: learning to think in a discipline. Includes summary PDF.

MIT Teaching+Learning Lab. (n.d.). Teaching Resources. 

How to design a course and teach, description of how people learn, creating inclusive classrooms, and assessing learning and teaching. 

Reis, R. (n.d.) Learning theories and theorists.

Concise overview of key learning theories and theorists selected for the higher education setting. Includes links to relevant further reading.

Wikipedia. (2020). Learning theory (education).

Clear outline of the different threads in current educational theory (philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, anthropology, and others). Includes history of this realm of inquiry as well as links to additional information. 

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2.1. Learning, teaching and supervision basics for early career researchers


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