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RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP: Academic reading and writing

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Searching the literature
(also scholarly information retrieval and literature reviews: scholarly literature v. non-scholarly, identifying state-of-the-art; description v. synthesis)


Science ideally pushes forward the boundaries of human understanding of problems and issues. Comprehensive scholarly literature reviews are essential for understanding the state-of-the art in one’s field and for synthesizing, or “putting together” a comprehensive perspective of research perspectives that have come before. 

Useful resources on Scholarly information retrieval:

IUPUI University Library. (2020). Literature Review: A Self-Guided Tutorial

Detailed, step-by-step instructions and links to additional information for each step of the literature review process (use your local library if you require personal assistance). Includes quizzes to test general knowledge.

Lau F., Kuziemsky C. (Ed.). (2017). Chapter 9: Methods for literature reviews. Handbook of eHealth evaluation: An evidence-based approach.

Applicable to all disciplines. Provides definition and rationale for performing literature reviews, process and steps, and further reading. 

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