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RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP: Academic reading and writing

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Critical reading


Critical reading expands upon initial reading as a process whereby the reader questions and examines a work and, ideally, expands upon this knowledge using informed arguments. All early career researchers should possess the ability to read texts critically.

Useful resources on Critical reading:

Duncan, J. (n.d.). Reading critically.

Includes clear chart on reading versus critical reading that can be used in handout form. Defines analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of material read.

UCLA Libraries WI+RE Team. (2020). C.R.E.A.T.E.S.: An Innovative Method for Understanding Scientific Articles 

This self-guided online tutorial with six modules helps students understand the components of scientific articles.

Wheeler, L.K. (2004). Critical reading of an essay’s argument. Dr. Wheeler’s Website.

Section 3 (“Critical Reading, A. Ask Questions”) provides questions readers should ask themselves when analyzing a text. Helpful tips for reading scholarly texts at all levels provided.

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