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[Presenting data]

Making graphics & plots


Mentees should be able to create graphical representations of data and be able to understand problematic, misleading graphing practices such as scale distortions (logarithmic scale, multiplying the effect in 2D, choosing a selected "slice" or perspective) or data selection distortions. 

Useful resources on Making graphics & plots:

GSF. (2012). Basics of Plotting in Matlab.

Handout, including overview, manipulating axes, subplots, multiple Y-axes, statistics, 3D plots, and additional resources.

A text on the essential concepts for using MATLAB is available from the University of South Australia. (n.d.). MATLAB,

McDonald, J. H. (2020). Biological Statistics: 7.2: Guide to Fairly Good Graphs.

Provides general tips for creating graphs, how to choose the right kind of graph, and how to create several kinds of graphs (scatter graphs, bar graphs) using Excel or Calc. Also includes how to export graphs to other formats and links to the next chapter, also of possible interest, “Presenting Data in Tables.”

Octave Documentation. (n.d.). 15. Plotting.

Includes an introduction to plotting,

Wolfram Alpha. (2020). Plotting and Graphics.

Guides to assist in visualizing the behavior of mathematical functions, high-level plotting, graphics data structures, advanced plotting, and graphics toolkits.

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