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Abstraction and creativity


Discussions of how creativity and abstraction can be fostered in the early career research context, including the roles they may play in improving STEM degree completion rates.

Useful resources on Abstraction and creativity:

Brodin, E.M. (2018). The stifling silence around scholarly creativity in doctoral education: experiences of students and supervisors in four disciplines. Higher Education, 75, 655–673.

Discusses how many countries include creativity as a learning outcome doctoral students should possess, conditions for doctoral students’ creativity, and the experiences of 14 doctoral students in Sweden.

Daly, W.T. (1995). Beyond critical thinking: Teaching the thinking skills necessary to academic and professional success. South Carolina University.

While geared to undergraduates, this text provides clear definitions of creative and abstract thinking and provides ideas for improving various thinking skills in the classroom.

McGee, E. O., Naphan-Kingery, D., Mustafaa, F. N., Houston, S., Botchway, P., & Lynch, J. (2019). Turned off from an academic career: Engineering and computing doctoral students and the reasons for their dissuasion. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 14, 277-305.

A large study discussing factors that discourage doctoral students, including stifling their creativity (p. 294).

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