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Citizen science: definition, examples, why important and emphasized in grant funding activities


Understanding citizen science (CS) vary across disciplines and countries; Heigl et al. (2019; see below) discuss this and provide an overarching definition while calling for a clearing international definition of CS activities, or “projects that help members of the general public gain insight into the scientific process” through data gathering, experimental design, or other approaches. Early career researchers may not yet have heard of such initiatives, which are increasingly encouraged in grants which receive public funding. 

Useful resources on Citizen science:

Heigl, F., Kieslinger, B., Paul, K.T., Uhlik, J., Dörler, D. (2019). Opinion: Toward an international definition of citizen science. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(17), 8089-8092.

Discusses the need for an international definition and experiences in creating a national CS program (in Austria). Includes key references for more reading on definitions, including European initiatives.

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