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Research data


While STEM researchers produce and work with many kinds of data, trends in managing and providing access to research data for grant and journal requirements are evolving in many countries. Mentors should ensure mentees are aware of recent trends; this section provides links to information about various topics related to research data that can be shared with mentees to supplement local and national sources of information. Mentees should also be aware of data requirements for journals in which their work will be published; sample Nature and Science guidelines are included below.

Research data useful resources:

American Association for the Advancement of Science. (2021). Science journals editorial policies: Data and code deposition

Recommendations for deposition of data in various disciplines. 

DocEnhance. (2021). Course: Data Stewardship.

Self-guided open course on how to supervise doctoral candidates including 11 modules on various aspects of data management. Developed as part of the DocEnhance project.

MIT Libraries. (n.d.). Data management

Overview and links to information for all aspects of research data, emphasizing its management. While geared towards MIT researchers, concepts are applicable to all institutions. 

Springer Nature Journals. (2021). Data Policies

List of data disposition policies and requirements,  ranging from selecting a repository to special cases (data from experiments on animals or human subjects, challenging data types) to data citation

TU Delft OpenCourseWare. (n.d.). Open Science: Sharing your research data with the world. 2.1.2. Introduction to Research Data Management.

Introduction to data management concepts in video form in under 10 minutes. Includes a discussion of the FAIR principles and the European Data Portal.  

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