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[Data gathering and organizing]

Data management


One of the outputs of many research projects is data. Managing data properly (particularly in light of open data initiatives and increasing pressure in the scholarly publishing community to include data as supplementary files to publications) is an essential skill for any researcher. 

Useful resources on Data management:

DocEnhance. (2021). Course: Data Stewardship.

Self-guided open course on how to supervise doctoral candidates including 11 modules on various aspects of data management. Developed as part of the DocEnhance project.

Grinnell College. (2020). Data Management Services.

A useful short introduction into problematics.

European Union. (2022). Horizon Europe Data Management Plan. Template

Official template for proposal/EU project data management plans under Horizon Europe.

The Regents of the University of California. (2020). DMPtool.

Sign in and use this tool to create a data management plan (DMP); the tool walks you through steps in the process. Useful background information about DMPs is available without signing in at:

UK Data Archive. (2011). Managing and sharing data: Best practices for researchers. University of Essex.

Covers every aspect of the data management lifecycle: why share data; data management planning; documenting, formatting, and sharing data; and ethical issues. Includes data management checklist (p. 35).

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