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Open data management: history of open data initiatives, why important, current trends & guidelines


Providing access to the data underlying a scientific publication or research endeavor is increasingly supported by the European Commission and other grant funding agencies. Aims of open data initiatives include greater ease in replication of research studies and ease in building upon the research of work which has come before. 

Useful resources on Open data management:

DocEnhance. (2021). Course: Data Stewardship, rights and licenses for research section.

Describes how to make choices regarding research data, including open licenses.

European Commission. (2017). Guidelines to the rules on open access to scientific publications and open access to research data in Horizon 2020.

Describes (pp. 9-10) current Horizon 2020 Open Research Data (ORD) Pilot.

European Commission. (n.d.). Data management.

More detail about the ORD Pilot, including key elements of a research data management plan (DMP) and DMP recording requirements for funded research.

University of Manchester Library. (n.d.). My research essentials: Online resources: Research data explained.

30-minute interactive tutorial.

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