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Open archives


In terms of data, "open archives" refers to research data archives which provide data for commercial or noncommercial use and reuse without any restrictions. At present, various repositories exist for this purpose, and researchers must decide where to place their data for long-term storage, if required for a grant or journal publication, and be aware that repositories for this purpose may change through time and institutional, national, and international standards evolve. 

Useful resources on Open Archives:

DocEnhance. (2021). Course: Data Stewardship, how to archive research data.

Basic information as well as consideration for choosing difference archiving mechanisms for data, including open archiving.

European Union. (n.d.). Open Data Portal

Access to data published by EU institutions and bodies. Browse datasets and sample applications and explore visualization - Registry of Research Data Repositories. (n.d.). Home.

Listed of trustworthy repositories for the scientific community, with browse, search, and suggestion functions.

Wikipedia. (2021). Research data archiving.

Well-maintained overview of data archiving policies and repositories, including selected policies by journal, funding agency policies, and sample data archives. 

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