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Qualitative methods


Qualitative researchers work with human beings, using methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, observation, and case studies to investigate their research questions. The following resources provide basic information about qualitative methods that mentors can assign as starting points to their mentees interested in this kind of research. 

Useful resources on Qualitative methods:

Duke University Libraries. (2020). Qualitative research

Guide to getting started and overviews of methods, data collection, cleaning text, analysis review, and institutional review (here, specific to the institution, but links to examples are useful to institutions forming such boards). 

Wikipedia. (2021). Qualitative research and Institutional review board

High-level overview of qualitative approaches, including data collection and analysis, as well as description of why institutional review boards are often involved in qualitative projects, including historical reasons for their formation.

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1.5.3. Qualitative methods


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