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Sustainable mobility strategies based on international cooperation


As recent COVID-related events have indicated, actual travel between international cooperation sites is not always possible. “Sustainable” mobility strategies can include remote cooperation, and mentors and mentees should be aware of recent developments in this area in order to maintain and strengthen collaboration across borders. 

Useful Sustainable mobility resources:

Groen, C. M., McGrath, C., Campbell, K. A., Götherström, C., Windebank, A. J., & Landázuri, N. (2017). Promoting international collaboration and creativity in doctoral students. eLife6, e26787.

While this articles describes a collaborative effort in the field of medicine, the description of the effort, the rationale behind its development, and the lessons learned by instructors are valuable to those creating similar initiatives in any field. The authors “argue that our course constitutes an important step toward training students to develop professional collaborations within an international research network and independent of their principal investigator….Thus, we propose that new joint courses could explore the possibility of building actual grant proposals, or even executing short but innovative collaborative projects.”

NYU Steinhardt. (2020). Remote learning opportunities.

Descriptions of global learning courses being created in remote format in response to the current pandemic. Useful example for mentors creating similar courses. 

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3.2.7. Sustainable mobility strategies based on international cooperation


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