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CAREER MANAGEMENT: Placement and job searching/seeking

[Academic positions]

CVs and cover letters


Tools and resources for early career researchers to use in preparing their applications for postgraduate or full-time academic positions, as well as for job applications.

Useful resources on CVs and cover letters:

Harvard University Office of Career Services. (2019). CVs and Cover Letters.

“What everyone should know” about academic CVs and cover letters, formatting pointers, list of action verbs, high-quality annotated samples for both CVs and cover letters.

MIT Career Advising and Professional Development. (n.d.). Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters and LinkedIn.

Detailed sections for each topic, including sample CVs and cover letters.

Montana State University. (2010). How to interview for a faculty position. YouTube.

Frank, realistic description of the academic hiring process in the United States, applicable to many other countries. Includes an introduction to the process, description of what a search committee is, preparing for the interview, and what to do during and after the interview itself. Includes how to deal with tricky questions about private life during the process.

University of California Berkeley Career Center. (2020). Academic Job Search – CV – Part Two: The Elements and How to Put Them Together

Detailed description, with examples, of each section of the academic CV.

University of California San Francisco Office of Career and Professional Development. (2020). Sample Materials for Faculty Positions.

Understanding applications; how to write an academic cover letter; building the curriculum vitae (CV); developing your research, teaching, and diversity statements, samples (in different fields and for different kinds of institutions).


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