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Application essays and other (teaching, research) statements


Academic job advertisements for full-time positions often include requirements for special kinds of essays and/or other statements, such as teaching and research statements. Mentees may not have written these kinds of statements before and resources in this section provide examples for different kinds of essays and statements. 

Useful resources on Essays and other statements:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center. (n.d.). Application Essays.

Describes the process for writing a high-quality application essay. Includes what to do before starting to write, writing a draft, how to understand and think about the audience, voice and style (and too much style), taking risks, and what to do after finishing the first draft. 

Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. (2020). Teaching Statements

Answers, in-detail, the following questions: What is a Teaching Statement?, What Purposes Does the Teaching Statement Serve?, What Does a Teaching Statement Include?. General guidelines, reflection questions and exercises for help getting started, evaluating a teaching statement, and links to additional resources. Includes links to more reading on teaching portfolios, for example.

Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. (2020). Developing and Writing a Diversity Statement.

Answers, in-detail, the following questions: What is a diversity statement, and what purpose does it serve?, What topics might be included in a diversity statement?, Should You Self-Disclose Elements of Your Personal Identity?. General guidelines, extremely useful writing prompts (for Research and Scholarship, Mentoring and Advising, Teaching, and Service), how to adapt your statement to a job application, and additional resources.

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