STEMskiller: Skill Set Map for Mentors of Early Career Researchers

CAREER MANAGEMENT: Placement and job searching/seeking

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Skills gap identification and development


Mentors may notice that mentees may be lacking certain skills in various areas, either those related to disciplinary knowledge or to navigating the path from early career researcher to independent researcher. For discipline skills, mentors often know where to turn in identifying gaps in knowledge; myIDP is very useful for a broader picture of skill sets and interests. If mentees wish to develop certain subject skills independently, textbooks on subjects may be helpful as are study guides to the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) and/or specialized exams (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics) or the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). While geared to the U.S. higher education context, these exams do reflect a standard baseline for knowledge in these areas. 

Useful resources on Skills gap identification and development:

Fuhrmann, C.N, Hobin, J.A., Lindstaedt, B., & Clifford, P.S. (2020). myIDP ScienceCareers Individual Development Plan.

Created by scientists for scientists, this four-stage career planning tool was specifically created for doctoral students and postdocs contemplating their futures—both within and beyond academia. Mentees can create a report that can be shared with others, including mentors. Mentors can ask mentees to generate and share a report, and the tool additionally allows creation of a completion certificate. Includes assessment of skills, interests, and values; career exploration (consider career fit, read about careers, attend events, talk to people, choose a career path); goal setting (career advancement, skill, and project goals); and considering and implementation plan (articulating mentoring team, creation of summary, and certificate). 

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