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Making others aware of one’s teaching and research interests includes various levels of promoting one’s work. Outlets range from scholarly journals to academic social media sites to blogs and beyond. The level at which one conduct self-promotion is disputed, but (at the time of writing), it cannot be ignored if one wishes to pursue a public-facing position in academic or in the private sector.

Useful Self-promotion resources:

Iowa State University Library. (2019). Shameless Self-Promotion Workshop Guide.

Basic information on this topic, including key academic promotional activities (e.g., getting an ORCID) and current places (e.g., ResearchGate) currently used for self-promotion.

Stayton, J. (2018). Higher Ed: Self Promotion in Academia.

Brief discussion of and link to a podcast on this topic with the president of a US university.

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3.5. Self-promotion


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