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Intersectoral awareness and experience (internships/"real world” work experiences, experiential learning)


While many institutions provide dedicated service units for assisting students gain “real world” experience through internships and other work opportunities, some do not provide these services. Some institutions build internship requirements into their course curricula. Resources below are for institutions wishing to build or improve their capacity in the experiential learning area.

Useful resources on Intersectoral awareness and experience:

Feldhaus, C., Buckwalter, J., & Wager, E. (2019). Experiential Learning, Action Research, and Metacognitive Reflection in the Senior Capstone. 2019 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, American Society for Engineering Education.

While this paper describes capstone experience for final-year undergraduates, the process undertaken to create such an experience is useful for those planning higher-level engagements. Introduction to the terminology and literature associated to this area and description of specific actions, including updating of Mission and Values statements for a School of Engineering. Describes how integrated learning principles were used and lessons learned from the experience. References to additional reading.

Grose, A.W. (2017). Internships, Integrative Learning and the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) (Occasional Paper No. 30). University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).

Introduction to the “designed” internship process, including a historical overview of the internship landscape. Description of the career pathways and the degree qualifications profile (DQP) concepts. Additional topics include mapping curriculum and evidence, assignments, integrative learning as a framework for learning and assessment, sharing one’s efforts with an appendix (“Sample Internship Learning Maps”).


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3.6.4. Intersectoral awareness and experience


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