STEMskiller: Skill Set Map for Mentors of Early Career Researchers

CAREER MANAGEMENT: Wellness/wellbeing & personal effectiveness

Controlled by stress or stress under control?


Stress can be helpful in certain situations or cause negative reactions. If a mentee is reporting they are “stressed”, referring them to the following self-guided resources may provide some guidance.

Useful resources on Stress control:

Pain, E. (2020). How early-career scientists are coping with COVID-19 challenges and fears. Science Careers.

Reports from early career scientists about how they are coping with different issues, how they are adapting, worries they have about the crisis affecting their careers, and tips for dealing with stress, anxiety, and fear.

The Wellbeing Thesis. (2020). Stress.

A definition of kinds of stress and four sub-sections on: 7/11 Breathing, Emotional Hi-jacking, Managing Stress, and Stress v. Stress.

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3.7.2. Controlled by stress or stress under control?


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