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CAREER MANAGEMENT: Wellness/wellbeing & personal effectiveness

Emotional intelligence: personal and social competence


"Emotional Intelligence (EI)" has been defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, and manage emotions.[1] Different studies link EI to various characteristics, such as leadership, but different studies often provide different results. If one interprets EI as a form of empathy, many mainstream business leadership seminars tout empathy as being a quality found in leaders. The historical debate about empathy and the human race, however, is much more complex, and mentees may have many questions about current world leaders, many of whom do not exhibit EI/empathy but are nevertheless in power. The resources below may help mentees in examining this topic.


Useful resources on Emotional intelligence:

Stueber, K. (Fall 2019 Edition). Empathy. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward N. Zalta (ed.).

Historical overview of the topic and descriptions of current thinking in different areas (philosophy, human sciences, psychology).

Yanez, G. A., Thumlert, K., de Castell, S., & Jenson, J. (2019). Pathways to sustainable futures: A “production pedagogy” model for STEM education. Futures108, 27-36.

A thought-provoking article which:

…[unpacks] narratives and practices informing STEM education that induct learning actors into ‘anticipatory regimes’ that advance neoliberal ends and technocapitalist ideologies. We argue first that STEM narratives of progress, competition, and innovation increasingly obscure the urgent ecological, ethical and social justice conditions students confront daily. Ironically, this prepares them for a future rendered unsustainable by scientific and technological orthodoxy. We then draw upon critical sustainability studies (CSS) to articulate new axiological orientations that reposition science and technology learning.

Links to further reading on this topic.

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3.7.3. Emotional intelligence: personal and social competence


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