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CAREER MANAGEMENT: Wellness/wellbeing & personal effectiveness

Strategies for problem solving when things go wrong


Experiments can fail, unexpected life challenges can cross a mentee’s path. Strategies for solving problems when something goes wrong are presented in this section.

Useful resources on Strategies for problem solving when things go wrong:

Heemstra, J. (2020). Tenure during a time of crisis. Chemical & Engineering News.

Brief essay outlining how early career faculty “tenure clocks” can be moved back in response to major crises, concluding that “[p]erhaps now, more than ever, we should be discussing the question: ‘How do we create systems and policies that allow us to evaluate each faculty member’s accomplishments in light of the context in which they accomplished them?’” 

The Wellbeing Thesis. (2020). Finding Acceptance to Find Solutions.

Step-by-step guide to overcoming adversity, including a problem solving template

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3.7.4. Strategies for problem solving when things go wrong


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