Funding opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers


While there is ideally one overarching “early career researcher” stream in which a doctoral candidate’s research flows into postdoctoral work, this site has two tracks: one for doctoral candidates and one for postdoctoral researchers, because most funders group opportunities in this way.  Completed doctoral studies are also a necessary requirement for most postdoctoral research positions in academic settings.

That said, both types of funding are included in this document so that interested doctoral candidates can also learn about postdoctoral options, if they are curious, and postdoctoral researchers can use the site to share information about funding options with doctoral students they supervise.

Note for Master students considering doctoral studies

Perhaps you are not aware of funding opportunities available at different institutions and in different disciplines for doctoral studies. Explore this guide to learn more about options available to you.

Why seek funding?

Funding for PhD candidates

As a supplement to basic scholarship

In the Czech context, PhD candidates may wish to supplement their basic scholarship funding with research grants, commonly offered by their institutions rather than by funding agencies. 

To travel abroad

PhD candidates may also wish to travel abroad to conduct research or an internship, and various opportunities exist for this, depending on one’s topic. 

  • This funding, like supplementary grants, results from a competitive process, with no guarantee of success. Good practice involves planning ahead and making a plan with more than one funding option (sometimes including supplementary personal savings).

Other funding, such as awards

Additionally, some institutions and entities provide awards for outstanding doctoral research and/or dissertations, which may include a funding component.  

  • At the doctoral level, awards are often for papers, academic achievement, or a high-quality doctoral dissertation. 

Funding for postdoctoral research in academia

With a PhD in hand, or (ideally) in the year prior to completion of a doctorate at a Czech institution, PhD candidates/graduates will need to decide what to do after their studies. To stay in academia and conduct a postdoc, or to find employment elsewhere? 

  • This decision, for those who have never worked outside of academia, may be challenging and involve much soul-searching and hard work in order to envision a future career path. 

Employment and fellowship options

The pages provide an introduction to academic postdoctoral research funding (employment and fellowship) options for both the Czech Republic and other selected countries. 

Some mentors are active in assisting their doctoral students/alumni in finding funding for a future postdoctoral position; others are less active. 

This document should assist particularly those who fall into the latter category, providing a road map to options that one can follow on one’s own time, at one’s own pace. 

  • Note that most postdoctoral fellowships require support from the doctoral supervisor mentor in some kind of shape or form (e.g., recommendation letter, formal reference).


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