Czech Academic and Research Discovery Services (CARDS)

Name of Operational Programme: Operational Programme Jan Amos Komenský

Call title and number: Individual system projects - VaV I, 02_22_004

Project name: Czech Academic and Research Discovery Services (CARDS)

Project registration number: CZ.02.01.01/00/22_004/0004342

Recipient: National Library of Technology

Project implementation period: 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2028

Budget: CZK 1,374,078,188.25

CARDS project: A significant step towards an open scientific space

The Czech Academic and Research Discovery Services (CARDS) project represents a key milestone in the development of academic and research institutions in the Czech Republic. Its focus on modernising and digitising the information environment opens up new perspectives in access to scientific knowledge.

Annotation of project

The CARDS project aims to create and verify in test operation a new common library-information platform for the segment of research and academic libraries in the Czech Republic. This next-generation platform (PNG) will provide high quality searchability and accessibility of resources (electronic, digitised and printed) and research results via a central search engine and other services for R&D&I communities regardless of their physical location. It also contributes to the creation of a common background for the implementation of data-oriented components of the Open Science strategy in the Czech Republic, in particular as part of the Open/FAIR Data and EOSC pillars.

Objectives of project

The main objective of the CARDS project is the creation and test operation of an R&D&I information search engine and related methodological support for working with metadata, persistent identifiers and repositories. It is important to stress that the CARDS project is complementary to the project IPs EOSC-CZ under the coordination of Masaryk University as a member of e-Infra and also to the parallel project of the National Repository Platform under the coordination of CESNET. Together, the CARDS IPs and EOSC-CZ IPs form the basic infrastructure background for the implementation of other Open Science calls under the Operational Programme JAK.

Key activities of IPs CARDS project

Key Activity 1 - Project Management

The invisible hand that manages all processes and activities related to the CARDS project. Management, control, reporting and administration are carried out in accordance with carefully set standards and norms including the Grant Decision, the approved project application, the Charter, the grant conditions, the internal regulations of the MoEYS and NLT, and the legislative framework.

Key Activity 2 - Implementation and operation of Next Generation Platform (PNG): Vision of a single space

This activity is the heart of the CARDS project. It deals with the acquisition and validation of a centrally created and populated next-generation platform that serves as a shared space for the efficient management and sharing of diverse types of information resources. These include print, electronic and digitised documents and research data, providing broad and comprehensive access to scientific knowledge.

Key activity 3 - Methodological support for work with research data metadata and persistent identifiers: Reliable interoperability

This activity focuses on improving interoperability between different systems, in particular data repositories. Its main objective is to facilitate the transfer of research data metadata to the national metadata directory, which is being developed within the framework of the IPs EOSC-CZ complementary project. In this way, a common language is created that allows the interconnection of different information systems and facilitates work with research data.

I want to know more about metadata and identifiers

Target group of CARDS project

The CARDS project reaches into the heart of academia, appealing to a wide range of professionals and curious individuals. Its influence extends to researchers at universities and research institutes of the CAS, experts from various sectors of industry, workers in small and large companies, tradesmen and members of the professional and general public. For all these actors, the CARDS project opens the door to a vast treasure trove of scientific and technical information.

However, library staff and, in the future, the entire library network are also an important target group. For them, the project will mean freeing up staff capacity for other activities which currently have little time allotted to them. In this way, the library community will be able to develop its full potential and strengthen its role as a key information broker for the scientific and academic world.



Chief Expert Guarantor (KA 2 and KA 3)

Jakub Štogr
+420 776 556 456

Miroslav Bartošek


Senior Project Manager (KA 1)

Jiří Burgstaller
+420 232 002 569


Next Generation Platform (KA 2)

Petra Kubálková
+420 771 269 627


Methodological support for working with research data metadata and persistent identifiers (KA 3)

Petra Černohlávková
+420 232 002 516



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