Reserve a team study room

Teamwork rooms (floors four to six) are ideal for group projects, study, and research. They are equipped with electrical outlets, data ports, flipcharts, and white boards.

The only thing we kindly ask for is to respect maximum room capacity. Do not modify room furnishings in any way (i.e., remove chairs, bring in more chairs, etc.).

Reservation time

The minimum amount of time required to make a reservation is one hour. You can make longer reservations for a half-day, day or week, depending on your needs and availability.


If you are a student, professor, graduate student, or researcher from a Czech university or from the Czech Academy of Science, the fee is 50 CZK/hour. We charge a fee to ensure reservations are used.

If you are from another organization and have longer-term needs, please discuss your request with our Event and Conference Services team.

How to reserve

You need to:

You can reserve room by using our reservation system or asking for assistance at a service desk.

Once you've made the reservation, you can use your customer card to enter the room you’ve reserved at the time you requested.

You can buy whiteboard markers and erasers in an office supply vending machine on the third floor (the machine only accepts coins).

How to cancel

Please cancel 24 hours in advance, and be sure to ask someone at a service desk to ensure the cancellation was properly recorded and refunded.


Photo: students working in a team study room


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