Places to Study

As a preventive measure following the COVID-19 Crisis, some library services are limited.

For now, only registered patrons or students and researchers from UCT, CTU, CZU, and IOCB can enter the library using their patron/institution card. The free day pass is not available. Non-registered members of the public and visitors can pass through the library turnstiles only in order to register, which enables us to comply with visitor tracking regulations.

On each floor of the library you will find many places to study and relax. Note that floors three and six are Quiet Zones. If you need to talk or use your phone, please sit on floors four and five.

You can also enjoy other kind of spaces: Team Study Rooms for group work; Individual Carrels that can be rented for one semester; the Periodicals Reading Room, where you can browse print journals and use the Czech standards database; the Rare Books & Special Collections Reading Room where you can use historical and rare materials (1801-1920); and the After Hours Study Room, open whenever the library itself is closed.

Editor: Stephanie Krueger Last modified: 1.7. 2020 10:07