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Wireless Settings

If you are a registered patron, you can access Wi-Fi everywhere in the building and in the park (NTK 3 entrance) and also at the plaza (NTK 1 entrance).


Wireless name/SSID:          NTK-Simple
Encryption: None
Connectivity: WiFi; IPv4; NAT; no proxy
Blocked ports: 25

Use your NTK customer username and password when prompted.


Wireless name/SSID: eduroam

Use your Eduroam login; information about your Eduroam:


I can't see the NTK-Simple network on my list.

Your adapter probably only supports the Wi-Fi protocol 802.11b, which the library doesn't support because it's unstable and slow.

I can see the network, but can't connect.

You probably have a fixed IP address. In Windows 7, open Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections and Features WiFi adapter-> IPv4 (or IPv6) and make sure  you have selected the option "Obtain an IP address from the DHCP server automatically"

I can connect to the network, but Skype, chat, etc., aren't working.

Open your web browser and enter any page will redirect to the library login form. After you successfully authenticate, you'll be able to access those services.

I can connect to the network, but I can't see the login form.

You probably have a fixed proxy from somewhere (your university or work). Check you proxy settings at Internet Properties-> LAN settings.

After I submit my username and password, I get the message: "Web Authentication Unsuccessful - Please wait"

You may have typed your username or password incorrectly. Try again, reset your password, or ask for your authentication credentials at a service desk.

I can connect to the network, but it goes in and out.

This problem is often found in netbooks. Wi-Fi adapter when the battery operation turns on power saving mode that reduces power adapter and it is constantly trying to Wi-Fi to connect to a network that requires full power for proper operation roamování. In the configuration of Wi-Fi adapter, see the item that lets you turn off power saving mode when running on battery (e.g., safe mode and set to off.

I cannot login to NTK-Simple with my iPhone or iPad (i.e., after I authenticate, nothing happens).

This is a well-known global problem which occurred during the release of a new version of the Apple iOS 6 operating system. Our network works only with iPads or iPhones without the 3G module iOS6. The and you should not have a problem if you're using an operating system lower then iOS6. The only solution right now is to use Google Chrome for browsing, ideally version iOS 6.1 and higher, where the bug has been fixed.

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