Reserve an Individual Study Carrel

An individual study carrel is ideal for concentrated study. You can reserve a carrel for a whole semester and keep your personal research materials there. Each carrel is equipped with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.

The Individual Study Carrels are fully occupied by renters for this semester 2020/2021. The new online registration is planned on the end of January 2021.

Who can reserve a carrel?

Registered patrons who are also:

  • Students/graduate students
  • Professors
  • Researchers from Czech universities
  • Researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences

You also need to belong to certain registered patron groups (A, AV, AC, B, BV, BC, C, CV, CC, E, EV, EC, F, FV, FC or AU). If you don't know your group, check it using the Access & Privileges tool. Please note you will probably not be able to rent a carrel if you don't have temporary or permanent Czech residence.

For how long?

  • Usually for one semester.
  • If you are physically disabled, you can reserve one of two dedicated carrels on a hourly or daily basis. To rent one, visit the floor 1 or 2 service desk.

When and where to apply for a carrel?

Shortly before the beginning of each semester, we publish an online registration form. Check our news and social media for information and follow the instructions.

Rules, Fees and Payment details

Because of high demand, carrels are distributed using a combination of academic status and a lottery.

  • 2 000 CZK, including VAT
  • Accessible carrels are free of charge (to use them, you must provide proof of disability)
  • Valid registration for the entire rental period and academic status (bachelor, master, PhD, professor, ...) is required.


Mgr. Jitka Heřmanová
 (+420) 776 832 826

Ing. Iveta Říhová
 (+420) 774 079 179

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