Reserve an Individual Carrel

An individual carrel is ideal for concentrated study.

Currently, all the carrels are reserved till 16 September 2022.
Starting 14 September 2022, it will be possible to reserve the carrels online for one day, week or a month (depending on the status of the carrel and your patron group) for this semester. See the price list for the fees.

Who can reserve a carrel?

Registered patrons who are also:

  • Students of partner universities (VŠCHT, ČVUT, ČZU), 
  • PhD students
  • Professors
  • Researchers from Czech universities
  • Researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences

You also need to belong to certain registered patron groups (A, AV, AC, B, BV, BC, C, CV, CC, E, EV, EC, F, FV, FC or AU). If you don't know your group, check it using the Access & Privileges tool. Please note you will probably not be able to rent a carrel if you don't have temporary or permanent Czech residence.

Rental period

The minimal rental period of individual carrels is 1 day, week or a month during the semester depending on the carrel chosen and the patron group. 

IS - granularity/patron group
*Partner institutions: VŠCHT, ČVUT, ČZU, ÚOCHB
**Disabled =person with a written proof of medical handicap

Rules, fees and payment details

IS - price

  • Carrels can be used during the self service opening hours
    • Valid registration for the entire rental period and academic status (e.g., bachelor, master, PhD, professor) is required.
    • The carrel can be used only by the person who made the reservation. 

    Should you have any questions regarding individual carrels, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Editor: Jana Orlová Last modified: 12.8. 2022 10:08