Give old books a new life… on occasion of the 700th anniversary of Charles IV's birthday for 10 EU

On occasion of  the 700th anniversary of Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV's birthday, National Library of Technology, in cooperation with University Library of Regensburg and Library of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic offer you a chance to digitize a book via the EOD service for just 10 EUR.

To select a historical book for digitization, browse the library catalog or use the search box below. If you see the eBooks on Demand (EOD) icon, the item is out of copyright and can be digitized. Select the EOD icon and to follow the steps outlined in the order form.


Your eBook will be delivered in PDF format with searchable full-text delivered to you by email or on CD/DVD. 

Digitization process and other related information about EOD service are availabe on the EOD service website.


Jan Dobiášovský
   (+420) 232 002 432 

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