Academic Lounge Alexandria

Basic Information

The Academic Lounge Alexandria is designed for informal meetings of colleagues from the Dejvice campus and beyond. It provides a dedicated space for relaxation, rest, and for other private, social, and professional activities.

The Lounge is open to all registered NTK patrons from the ranks of university and secondary school instructors, for researchers, managers of educational and scientific research institutions, and their guests. NTK employees will be happy to help you with access to the Lounge and will provide you with the information you need to use it.

Visitors are asked to send feedback about their experiences with using the Lounge, comments, and suggestions for further improvement directly to the Head of the Department for Specialized Academic Services, Ms. Naděžda Firsová, or via Twitter: #LoungeNTK.

Access & Opening Hours

The entrance to the Lounge is located on the upper floor of Café Prostoru_. The Lounge is accessible whenever the Café is open.

To enter the Lounge, use the card you use to enter the library. During hours when NTK is staffed with service personnel, we will answer your questions about using and entering the Lounge premises at: or/and phone: (+420) 223 002 535.

Lounge Equipment

The Lounge has more than 30 seats in a large open space furnished to accommodate several activities at the same time.

Lounge users should respect the different preferences of their colleagues and, when using the Lounge, considerate the balance between individual and group activities and the needs and interests of other visitors.

Groups that meet for specific business purposes can bring their own equipment and office supplies. The library does not provide any support or assistance from its employees in this respect.

  • The Lounge is designed for informal meetings, relaxation, and the private, social, and professional activities of academic staff. There are enough studyrooms and classrooms in the library dedicated for teaching, consulting, and working with students. NTK employees will be happy to advise you where to find them.
  • We recommend that group meetings be limited to no more than eight people so that the rest of the Lounge space can be used concurrently by other groups and individuals who prefer a quiet environment.
  • Kitchen facilities are not available in the Lounge; however, NTK does not prevent its patrons from bringing snacks with them, provided they do not restrict or disturb other visitors and that they clean up properly after themselves. To keep the Lounge pleasant and attractive, we ask visitors to use the waste and recycling containers located in the Lounge, to ensure cleanliness and order, and to return used furniture and accessories to their original condition before the end of any visit.
  • During the initial pilot, it will not be possible to reserve parts of the Lounge for individual events and groups. Exceptionally, the reservation of the entire Lounge for individual events, with or without catering or other services, can be approved upon written request by NTK’s Director and coordinated through the library's Short-Term Rental Office via email:
  • Please keep in mind that guests and escorts may only use the Lounge premises in the presence of their hosts.

Editor: Naděžda Firsová Last modified: 16.8. 2022 16:08