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Showcasing: Steps to raising research profiles


Grant and promotion/advancement reviews often contain a review of a researcher’s profile, or “track record” of research, publication, teaching, and other academic service activities through time. Mentors can use the resources listed below to make mentees aware of steps they can take to improve their research profile.

Useful Showcasing resources:

Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS). (2020). Resources.

Materials created to supplement ARIS seminars that can be used by those interested in broadening the impact of their research. Includes “Are You Impact Ready?” (PDF worksheet to help researchers think about the impact of their research), “Are You Impact Healthy?” (PDF workbook what institutions can use to assess how “impact healthy” they are), “3 I’s of Stakeholder Analysis” (PPTX breakout session slides regarding interest, influence, impact), Research Impact Canada Resources, and many other high-quality materials for further reading.

UKRI Economic and Social Research Council. (2020). Developing a communications and impact strategy.

Includes a step-by-step guide to creating a strategy (setting objectives, developing a message, targeting audiences, choosing channels, planning activities, allocating resources) as well how to measure success (setting objectives, the evaluation process, carrying out the evaluation) and a Word template for helping to create an ongoing strategy document. 

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3.5.1. Showcasing: Steps to raising research profiles


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