STEMskiller: Skill Set Map for Mentors of Early Career Researchers


Networking for researchers


Through time, early career researchers should begin building a network of colleagues they trust to work with on new projects, to discuss ideas with, to review publications prior to peer review. Mentors should encourage mentees to build their own networks, and answers questions mentees may have as they encounter different kinds of academic networking (at conferences, online, over email, and beyond).

Useful resources on Networking for researchers:

Elliott, C.M. (2007). Writing to a Potential Collaborator.

Do’s and don’ts for writing to potential collaborators, with an explanation of formal writing and description of how to make sure your email is noticed.

University of Toronto at Mississauga. (n.d.). Develop Your Academic Network.

Topics include: why and how to network, conferences, developing an online presence, and postdoc fellowships.

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3.5.2. Networking for researchers


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