Stephanie Krueger


Dr. Krueger has been involved in the creation and development of innovative digital resources since 2001, first as a key player in the international launch of JSTOR and subsequently at two other projects initially developed by the Mellon Foundation: DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) and Artstor (images and other image-based materials). She completed her doctoral studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in the field of information science and, in addition to conducting transdisciplinary research, she consults with early career researchers and professors and develops, since 2013, advanced academic services for NTK.

Krueger is former Information Officer for the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Committee and is on the Editorial Board for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

Stephanie is responsible for the following subject guides:


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Impact Summaries

Presentations (2015-2024)

Krueger, Stephanie, Rebecca D. Frank. (forthcoming, virtual academic program April 15-18, 2024) “Are we practicing what we preach? Towards greater transborder inclusivity in Information Science systematic reviews.” 2024 iConference. Chanchung, China

Krueger, Stephanie. "Resource discovery: Use cases in the academic field/How to get information, resources, and tools" for ILDS 2022 (Qatar) and HERMES: Digital Research Sharing During COVID and Beyond. Organized by MEF University, Turkey: September 2022.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Resource discovery: Use cases in the academic field/How to get information, resources, and tools" for NCIP (CZ) and HERMES: Digital Research Sharing During COVID and Beyond. Organized by MEF University, Turkey: March 2022.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Introduction to STEMskiller." NCIP grant workshop. 26.11.2021. 

Chodounská, Alena, Stephanie Krueger, and Sasha Skenderija. "Academic writing in the broader context of early career researcher development: Leveraging existing open educational resources with STEMskiller, an annotated guide from the National Library of Technology (NTK) in Prague." EATAW 2021. Online, July 2021.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Introduction to Day Two." IFLA ILDS 2019. Prague, Czech Republic, October 2019.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Beyond the Program: IFLA ILDS 2019 in Prague." Presentation at IFLA WLIC 2019. Athens, Greece, August 2019.

Krueger, Stephanie. Sasha Skenderija. "Prague as Host of the 2019 IFLA ILDS Conference." Presentation at IFLA WLIC 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 2018.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Aiming High – Preparing Yourself to Compete as an International Scholar." Workshop at the 14th Annual International Bata Conference for PhD Students and Young Researchers, Zlín, Czech Republic, April 2018.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Letting Traditional Boundaries Blur: A Case Study in Co-Developing STEM 'Excellence' Courses." Paper and presentation at IATUL Conference, Bolzano, Italy, June 2017.

Chodounská, Alena. Stephanie Krueger. "Assessing the Library Service and Instructional Needs of Engineering Undergraduates: An Ethnographic Examination of Bachelor Students at Two Czech Technology Universities.”   European Conference on Information Literacy, Prague, 10-13. October 2016.

Chodounská, Alena. Stephanie Krueger. "Cooking Stone Soup: Porous Workforce Training at the Czech National Library of Technology as a Supplement to (Impermeable) University Education." Paper and presentation at IATUL Conference, Halifax, June 2016.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Using Ethnographic Research Methods to Create, Promote, Evaluate, and Refine Tailored Instruction and Services for Engineering PhD Students, Post-Doctoral Researchers, and Professors." Presentation at The IATUL Workshop on Information Literacy in November 2015.

Francová, Pavla, and Stephanie Krueger. "Problematika zveřejňování různorodých vědeckých výstupů v repositářích šedé literatury z pohledu biomedicínského inženýrství." Paper presented at The 8th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories in October 2015.

Heicl, Vaclav, Stephanie Krueger, and Sasha Skenderija. "Virtual Polytechnic Library: From 'Home-Grown' Document Delivery Concept to a National Collaborative Platform for Resource Sharing." Paper presented at The 14th ILDS Conference, Istanbul: Resource Sharing at the Crossroads in October 2015.

Krueger, Stephanie. "Usability Essentials." Presentation at Libdesign conference, NTK Prague, 22. September 2015.

Examples of English Editorial Assistance for Academic Publications & Abstracts

Zemanová, A., Hála, P., Konrád, P., Janda, T., & Hlůžek, R. (2022). The influence of interlayer properties on the response of laminated glass to low-velocity hard-object impact. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 159, 104036. doi:10.1016/j.ijimpeng.2021.104036

Najmanová, H., Kuklík, L., Pešková, V., Bukáček, M., Hrabák, P., & Vašata, D. (2022). Evacuation trials from a double-deck electric train unit: experimental data and sensitivity analysis. Safety science, 146, 105523. doi: doi:10.1016/j.ssci.2021.105523

Jaruskova, D., & Pazman, A. (2021). METHODS FOR APPROXIMATING DISTRIBUTION OF UNKNOWN PARAMETER ESTIMATES WITH APPLICATION IN MATERIAL THERMOPHYSICS. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 11(6). doi:10.1615/Int.J.UncertaintyQuantification.2021033482

Doškář, M., Zeman, J., Krysl, P., & Novák, J. (2021). Microstructure-informed reduced modes synthesized with Wang tiles and the Generalized Finite Element Method. Computational Mechanics, 68(2), 233-253. doi:10.1007/s00466-021-02028-y

Tyburec, M., Doškář, M., Zeman, J., Kružík, M., & Lepš, M. (2021). Modular-topology optimization with Wang tilings: an application to truss structures. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 63, 1099–1117. 10.1007/s00158-020-02744-8
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