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Our staff provides advanced support for the research, teaching, and learning activities. They can help you design research strategies, and stay current in your field. You can schedule an individual session to discuss your needs. 

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Photo: Ibrahim Abou Khashabh
Ibrahim Abou Khashabh
232 002 591
Physics, Mathematics, LaTeX
Photo: Jan Červenka 606 552 407 Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Computer Security and Cryptology, Computer Networks, Programming Languages
Photo: Alena Chodounská
Alena Chodounská
773 850 851
Social Science, Transport
Photo: Jiří Henzl
Jiří Henzl
778 453 028
Biology and Biotechnology, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Environment
Photo: Tereza Kadlecová
Tereza Kadlecová
232 002 529
Civil Engineering
Photo: Věra Krásová
Věra Krásová
778 453 025
Security Management and Safety of Work
Photo: Stephanie Krueger
Stephanie Krueger
775 517 006
Materials Science & Engineering, Citation Management, Communicating Research in English
Photo: Olga Martinová
Olga Martinová
778 453 026
Computer Graphics, Nanotechnology, Photography and Film
Photo: Petr Nouza 778 453 024 History of Science and Technology, Military Science
Photo: Petra Procházková
Petra Procházková
232 002 450
Agriculture and Agrotechnology, Economics and Management, Law
Photo: Filip Strych 778 453 030 Biomedical Engineering, Medicine
Photo: Jakub Szarzec 232 002 431 Bibliometric Services
Photo: Pavlína Tassanyi
Pavlína Tassanyi
778 453 021
Robotics a Cybernetics, High School Support
Photo: Vojtěch Turek 778 453 020 Geodesy and Cartography, Hydraulics, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Vadose Zone Hydrology, Patents, Technical Standards


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