Our Specialists

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff provides advanced support for the research, teaching, and learning activities of our community and can help you design research strategies, access key databases, effectively use information resources, and stay current in your field. You can schedule an individual session to discuss your needs. ChemTK experts also are here to serve.

Photo: Věra Krásová Photo: Jiří Henzl Photo: Tereza Tůmová Photo: Alena

Photo: Jan Červenka Photo: Jana Orlová Photo: Vojtěch Turek Photo: Stephanie Krueger

Photo: Petra Photo: Jakub Szarzec Photo: Carlos Melo Photo: Pavla Minaříková

Photo: Kyriaki Saiti Photo: Petr Nouza Photo: Olga Martinová Photo: Martin Stehlík

Photo: Filip Strych Photo: Pavlína Tvrdá

Subject Guides

Subject guides (compiled by our experts) provide you with print, media, and digital materials so you can focus your research on the best resources. The guides also provide tips for conducting effective research, links to experts, notable collections, and related resources.

Research Tools

Our research tool guides provide background information about the academic research, writing, and publishing processes and include overviews of finding patents and technical standards, citation management and plagiarism prevention, preparing for giving academic or scientific talks, tips and publications for successful publishing, and more. They are intended to provide basic information for students and researchers new to these subject areas. They are "works in progress," so please let us know if you have any suggestions for their improvement.


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  • In person: MON–FRI 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Fotka: Our research specialists: (standing) Petr Nouza, Jan Červenka, Sasha Skenderija, Petra Procházková, Alena Chodounská, Jiří Henzl, Stephanie Krueger, Věra Krásová, Tomáš Razím, Pavlína Tvrdá, (squatting) Martin Stehlík, Jana Orlová, Vojtěch Turek, Olga Martinová

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