• Help with your thesis, project, or article.
  • We can show you useful search strategies, help you cite properly, or simply discuss your project.
  • Services are offered in Czech and English.

If you need urgent assistance at the last minute, please visit us for a walk-in consultation (up to 15 minutes) at the central desk (floor 2) or call.

Face-to-face, walk-in consultation services (maximum 15 min) available to all undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral research associates, researchers and faculty for information and guidance on searching, citing, writing and formating scientific texts, assistance in document preparation systems, including LaTeX.

Scheduled Consultations

If you wish to meet and discuss your research topic in detail, please schedule a face-to-face or online consultation (up to 1 hour) tailored to your specific needs.

Bibliometric Services

We can show you how to effectively search citation databases and assist you in evaluating published research results, among other services.

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