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LateX is a free, open source typesetting system that is particularly good at presenting symbols, formulas, graphs, and non-Roman alphabets. It’s based on the ‘WYSIWYM’ (what you see is what you mean) idea, which means you only have to focus on the contents of your document and the computer will then take care of the formatting. LaTeX includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documents including articles and presentations.

The National Library of Technology in Prague provides a LaTeX guide as well as face-to-face consultation about LaTeX at the help support desk.

LaTeX Services (in English)


  • Information and guidelines for Mac OS, Windows and Linux installations, as well as Overleaf, an online, collaborative LaTeX editor.
  • Useful guidelines for beginners (structuring your first document, packages, typesetting math in LaTeX, adding images, generating a table of contents, adding a bibliography and citation, adding footnotes, creating tables).
  • More advanced topics (generating tables, visualizing data and drawing pictures) with pgfplots tool.

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