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Currently I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Branch of study: Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague.

My research topic is decision support system in medicine with respect to data analysis, data mining: such as feature extraction, classification and clustering. Use of hospital information systems as a gateway to more precise understanding of clinical reasoning.

I have published articles in obstetrics and gynecology about risk factors associated with adverse delivery outcome.

Here at NTK, I am currently working as Information Support Specialist to help finding information, resources and tools that can improve your work and study, I can recommend and find relevant links and publications for your assigned topic and assist you in using LaTeX, MATLAB, and web programming languages.

Outside NTK, I also work as a website developer, building different types of websites using open source Content Management Systems.

I am familiar with website programming languages and tools: e.g. (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, and MYSQL), domain registration and hosting configuration.

I will be happy to assist you, please contact me for an appointment.

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