Print, Copy, Scan

Self-service print/scan/copy machines are found on each floor of the library. They can be accessed by library computers or your own computer.

Machine that can copy, print, and scan directly from or to your USB drive is available on the 3rd floor, section B. No NTK registration needed, just pay in cash on the spot.

If you are not a patron, you can alternatively use our reprographic services.

Fees in CZK


 Size    Black and white (CZK) 
 Color (CZK) 
 1 side A4 1,80 5
 Double-sided A4   3,60 10
 1 side A3 3,60 10
 Double-sided A3 7,20 20

Remember to have enough money to cover the anticipated cost on your financial account (minimum 15 CZK).


Print/scan/copy machines

Scanning is free, but you still need at least 15 CZK on your financial account if you scan using the print/scan/copy machines. 

Fifth floor scanner

There's a scanner on the fifth floor anyone can use; just bring a flash drive for saving your scans.

To use print/scan/copy machines, you'll need:

  • Your customer card
  • Your PIN code (combination of 4 numbers). If you don't have a PIN, you can create one or ask at the main service desk on the second floor.
  • At least 15 CZK on your financial account.

Getting started

  1. On the control box and on the screen, you can change the language by clicking on the globe icon. Choose English unless you prefer processing in Czech.
  2. Swipe your customer card on the control box situated to the right of the control display.
  3. On the screen, enter your PIN code (4 numbers) and press "OK."

Detailed instructions

Lift the lid of the printer and put the document you'd like to copy or scan on the glass platform. Close the lid.

To copy
  1. Select "Copying/Scanning" on the control screen and "Copy - Make copies from an original document" on the display.
  2. If you want to change the size or print in color, select the relevant option on the screen.
  3. Adjust the number of copies, if needed.
  4. Press the green button Spustit ("Start copy") on the control display to start the job.
To print

To print a document you've sent to the network, you have to select the printer called "prn_tisk" and print from whatever software you are using. To retrieve your printouts, use on the print/scan/copy machines:

  1. Select "Print."
  2. Press the "Job list" option on the right of the control screen to view what you've sent to the printer.
  3. In the "Job list" menu, select the "Job queue" option.
  4. Select the job you wish to print and press the printer icon on the right.
  5. If you want to cancel a job, select the item you don’t want to print and press the crossed off printer icon.
To scan
  1. Select "Copying/Scanning" on the control screen.
  2. Select the "Email - Send your document as an attachment to an email" option.
  3. Click on the "To:" field and enter your email address. Press "OK."
  4. If you wish to change the settings, select "More options."
  5. Then, press the green button Spustit or "Send Email" on the control display to launch the job.
Need Help?

If you require technical assistance, please ask for help at a service desk.

Don’t forget to mention the number of the machine; you can find this number on a sticker under the control panel.

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