Economics and Management

The library's collection, although not exhaustive, provide specialized information resources in economic, business, and marketing relevant for engineering and applied sciences for students, professors, and technical specialists.

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Publications about economics, business, and marketing are on the sixth floor, shelves 6A57-6B007, call numbers HA-HJ; details:

Subject Shelf Call Number
Statistics - general works 6A057-63 HA1 - HA39
Statistics - statistical data 6A064-71 HA154 - HA4737
Economic theory. Demography 6A072-103

HB1 - HB846.8

HB848 - HB3697

Business cycles, economic fluctuations 6A104 HB3711 - HB3840
Economic history and conditions 6A105-108 HC1 - HC92
Management, industrial management 6A135-167 HD28 - HD70
Economic development, development economics, economic growth. Land use 6A168-172

HD72 - HD88

HD101 - HD1395.5

Agricultural economics 6A173 HD1401 - HD2210.2
Industry. Labor. Work, working class


HD2321 - HD4730.9

HD4801 - HD8943

Special industries and trades 6A185-208 HD9000 - HD9999
Commerce 6A241-247 HF1 - HF1186
International economic relations. Tariffs, free trade, protectionism 6A248-254

HF1351 - 1647

HF1701 - HF2701

Trade by region or country 6A251-254 HF2999 - HF4055
Business 6A255-276 HF4999.2 - HF6182
Finance - general. Money 6A277-280

HG1 - HG190

HG201 - HG1496

Banking 6A281 HG1501 - HG3550
Credit, debt, loans 6A282 HG3691 - HG3769
Foreign exchange, international finance 6A283-284 HG3810 - HG4000
Financial management, business finance, corporation finance 6B001 HG4001 - HG4285
Investment, capital formation, speculation 6B002-4 HG4501 - HG6051
Insurance 6B005 HG8011 - HG9999
Public finance 6B006-7 HJ1 - HJ9940

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Economics and Management

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