Electrical and Electronic Engineering

NTK's Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) collections cover the generation, storage and use of power, and include a whole variety of areas of EEE as Electronics, Software, Hardware, Signal Processing, Communications, Computer Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Systems Engineering, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Imaging, Embedded Systems, and Control. If you'd like us to add a book or a journal to our EEE collections, please suggest a purchase.

Electronic Books

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Print Books

Subject Shelf Call Number
Safety measures 4C/267 TK152
Distribution or transmission of electric power 4D/037-4D/040 TK3001-TK3521
Mechanical & electrical engineering combined 4C/100-4C/103 TJ163
Dynamoelectric machinery and auxiliaries 4D/032-4D/034 TK2000-TK2891
Electric equipment of motor vehicles 3A/116 TL272
Electric lighting 4D/043-4D/044 TK4125-TK4399
Electric apparatus and materials 4C/275-4C/290 TK452-TK454
Electric heating (incl. Electric welding) 4D/045-4D/046 TK4601-TK4661
Electroacoustics. Electroacoustic transducers 4D/107-4D/108 TK5981-TK5990
Electronics Multiple places TK7800-TK8360
Electronics in military engineering 3C/213 UG485
Electrical engineering and equipment: mines 3B/072-3B/073 TN343
Electricity Multiple places QC501-QC721
Amateur constructors' manuals 3A/073-3A/075 TK9900-TK9971
Production of electric energy or power 4D/001-4D/031 TK1001-TK1841
Pocketbooks, tables, etc. 4C/266-4C/267 TK151
Radar 4D/121 TK6573-TK6595
Radio (incl. Wireless telephone) 4D/111-4D/120 TK6540-TK6571
Electric standards and measurements 4C/269-4C/273 TK275-TK277, TK301-TK396
Telecommunication Multiple places TK5101-TK5105
Testing of electric machinery and appliances 4C/274 TK401
Devices for production of electricity by direct energy conversion 4D/035-4D/036 TK2896-TK2986
Biography 4C/258 TK139-TK140

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Search items in our rare books collection published before 1920. Typically, they are in german or french language. For instance:

Online Articles

Electronic Journals

A-Z title list of electronic journals in Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Open access journals indexed in the DOAJ

The world's leading journals according to WOK Journal Citation Reports

ISSN Title
0163-6804 IEEE Communications Magazine
1932-4529 IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
1053-5888 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
1063-6706 IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
0162-8828 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
0885-8993 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
0278-0046 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
1536-1284 IEEE Wireless Communications
0018-9219 Proceedings of the IEEE
0079-6727 Progress in Quantum Electronics

For more, visit WOK Journal Citation Reports (Engineering, Electrical & Electronic).

Print Journals

The library subscribes to a large portion of print journals (e-format might be included as well) whose A-Z title list can be found in library's catalog.

Recent issues of print journals in Electrical Engineering and Electronics are located in the Periodicals Reading Room on the third floor, shelves 3D/078-3D/088. Technology journals are available on shelves 3D/045-3D/048.

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